As a way to share the information collected through our research and to help communities in Region 5 implement new programs or improve existing food programs, Econservation Institute will be hosting a series of free webinars on food scrap composting.

Upcoming Webinars

As a means of sharing the results of the project EI and EPA Region 5 will host a series of free webinars. The webinars will share the results of the national research as well as share the best management practices uncovered throughout the nation. There will also be guest speakers at each webinar that will share information on how to run a program from the "on the ground" perspective.


To Register for a free webinar please click on the date you want to attend below:

Topic Date Time
Best Management Practices in Food Scrap Composting I- REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED 12/8/2010 9am-10:30am PST
Best Management Practices in Food Scrap Composting II- REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED 1/13/2011 9am-10:30am PST


Other Presentations:
The author's will be presenting the findings of the report at the following upcoming forums (please note: these are not free EPA spnsored events):

SWANA e-session- February 24th 2011

Bio-Cycle 2010 Global Conference- April 11-14 2011 San Diego



Download the Presentations

To download the slide decks from the webinars select the presenter from the list below:

Econservation Institute (12/8/2010) -Skumatz and Freeman

Cambridge MA- Mail

Duluth MN- Darley-Hill


Econservation Institute (1/13/2011)- Skumatz and Freeman

San Francisco CA- Macy (To Be Added)

Ohio EPA- Arroyo-Rodriguez